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$25 mani pedi.

They do a good job too. I'm very happy to find this place. Ask for Toe. I think that's her name.

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Shiloh V.

Updated - 12/9/2011

I have been going to Contempo nails for many years and have never received anything but the best service. It is really upsetting to see that people accuse Diane of treating her employees poorly, so I had to set the record straight . I have read that she doesn't pay the employees when she gives us free manicures and that they get no breaks that is just not true. I also read that customers are being lead to believe that when she speaks to her employees in Vietnamese she is "yelling" at them which is also untrue. Many of her employees are new to this country and that is the only language that they speak, Diane is giving them a job and an opportunity to get ahead and is being made out to be someone who treats them poorly. It is not right to post all these false accusations of a woman who treats all her customers and employees with the utmost respect. I have worked for Diane and know first hand what a generous employer she is. I would recommend Contempo Nails over any other nail salon in Los Angeles, the quality and service are unbeatable. I really hope some of these peoples false negative comments don't stop you from going to a great salon!


Daphne A.

Updated - 12/9/2011

I've been going to Diane for many years now and I always have the best experience. Diane has always been the sweetest and the only person that always wants to make sure that you're comfortable and get you anything you need to make you're experience better. Like come on, who else who doesn't go to Contempo can say that the place they go to remembers their name, gives out water bottles, and even special deals when its your birthday. I went to Diane one day and she even bought me generous yogurt next store from Toppings. Comes to show how she's very caring and has great customer service skills. I recommend her to all my close friends and family members and they always become regulars just like myself! Thanks Diane and make sure to keep up the great business that you're running! Happy holidays  

P.S. her prices are very low as it is at only $25 for a bomb manicure pedicure but she gives you a discount if you bring your own tools. Wow doesn't get any better than that! you get a set once for a couple dollars and save much more especially since you become a regular with her.


Kathrine B.


I went to Nature Nails on Tuesday evening at 4 pm and they were closed so i walked over to Contempo Nails and it was quit busy. I can see why they were much busier. You can't beat the price...
$23 for mani, pedi if you bring in your own tools and $15 for color gel if you bring in your own gel.
The place looks a lot bigger and everyone was nice and friendly as soon as I walked in the door. Just my luck I just happen to get the most annoying person to do my nails. Christine was her name. She was so annoyingly loud and sloppy. I mean my 2 year old son can polish better then her. I asked for another person and Diane promptly took care of me. I asked for Jack but it looks like he's permanently gone for good. I was told that he quit over a silly reason which he thought specific customer was his appointment when it wasn't.  Well it doesn't matter who does my nails as long as they are nice, friendly and with a good attitude. I give Contempo Nails a 5 Star over all everything. I give them a 10 Star for sponsoring the Christmas Toy Drive for the Mattel Children Hospital. I will come back to drop off some toys...:)

Good Place Good Vibe

Karen S. 5 Contempo Nails

I won a mani silent auction to help women's cancer research donated by Contempo Nails and hosted by Shape Up For A Cure. I like this place very much. It's a lovely nail salon with a wonderful good vibe.
I understand that Diane donated 100 manicures to Shape Up For A Cure and think that's terrific. After reading a few reviews online and it did came obvious to me that some of the negative reviews online for Contempo Nails was written by the workers or former workers.
Contempo Nails is a good place with good customer service, quality and many selections. Donating to organizations to help cure cancer is also plus for me. Highly Recommend Contempo Nails.

Great Customer Service

J T. 5

My family and I was visiting Beverly Hills on our vacation and we stopped at Contempo Nails to get my nails done. I have to say that this place has incredibly good service. Diane who was in charge greeted us with warmest welcome. She was so nice that she even bought my kids frozen yogurt. The quality of the polish and customer service was excellent and we were even offered free manicures before going back to Canada. It's too bad that I don't live in Beverly Hills but if I did I would be doing my nails at this place every week. We bought some gift certificates for our friends in Los Angeles to help support Japan rebuild from the recent earthquake. I thought that I had to at least write a good review for them.

A+++ Nail Salon

Lisa S. 5

this is by far the best nail salon i'v been to. I was there during the Christmas holiday and it was very busy. I was seated very quickly and they did a great job. The price was affordably good. $20 for color gel !!! They had many brand and color selections to choose from. Everyone was so nice to me. Diane shows that she really values her customers. She gave me a free coupon for my next visit. I give Contempo Nails an A+++ for everything. Oh yes, best of all Diane sponsors many Charity events for the less fortunates so I know that part of my money is going to a good cause.

December 31, 2010

Contempo Nails Charity for Haiti Earthquake

Willie W. 5

I recently went to Contempo Nails to purchase some gift certificates for my employees and Diane who I believe is the owner told me that she donates 40% of all gift certificates purchase to the Save The Children charity. I thought that its so wonderful that part of my purchase goes to helping children in Haiti. There was a big sign there that said that but I didnt notice when I walked in. Diane also went ahead and gave me a free manicure gift card for my wife and I. Thank you so much Diane I think you are doing a wonderful thing my wife and I will be back for more.

January 21, 2010

I Like Very Much

by mm606 at Citysearch                                                          6/02/11

I have to say this is my favorite place. Diane is always wonderful. I have to really give her great respect. Both her dad and grandmother just past away on the same day and she still comes in to run the salon. I don't know if I can do the same thing if I was in the same situation. Now I can see why her salon is still running strong after 25 years in business. I totally admire her...

I highly recommend Contempo Nails but make sure you see Diane when going there. She's always at the front desk.

My Favorite Place 

by jd90212 at Citysearch

Contempo Nails is my favorite and only place I go to get my nails done. First of all they have the best customer service with great quality work. "Diane" who is the owner as well as the entire staff are lovely people. They volunteered to donate money to help the homeless program "Midnight Mission Los Angeles". I see them work very hard still think for the less fortunate ones. That's very nice of them. Some of the staff told me that "Diane" also donate to many other programs such as help feed third world countries and under privilege children here in the United States. I did not know Contempo Nails donates to good causes until I saw the Christmas toy drive for Mattel Childrens' Hospital in their salon. I now bring all my friends and families to Contempo Nails. I love how Diane runs her shop.

Best Choice Nail Salon in Beverly Hills

by mj7037

I started going to Contempo Nails a few months ago after searching for a good nail salon here in Beverly Hills. As everyone know it's hard to find a good descent place. So far Contempo Nails is the best in town. Their prices are unbeatable. The quality is great and the atmosphere is pleasant. I feel very comfortable when I'm there. Once I saw Jessica Alba sitting across from me. I thought that was so cool. From what I've seen and heard, Lamar Odom, Cameron Diaz, Nicole Richie visits often. The owner "Diane" treats me quite well even when celebrities visiting. She would often hand out coupons for next visits. This was also very cool. Diane reimburse my ATM fees when I had to withdraw money from the AtM machine. That is such great customer service.

I highly Recommend Contempo Nails.

I don't go anywhere else!!!!!

by Sami77

I love Contempo Nails! My friend turned me on to it over a year ago and now I don't go anywhere else! I go to the same person every time, Vo, but honestly everyone there is good! They are very friendly, the neck massages are great too! It can get crowded, but honestly I've never waited longer than 10 mins...which is still worth the wait!

We love Contempo!

by alete13

My mom and i have been going to Contempo togther for years. We love Dianne (the owner) and we come here for the great service at a reasonable price.

Great Neighborhood Salon - Personal Service

by nycbrunette

I have been going to this nail salon since I moved here. This seriously has to be the best value in town: manicures, pedicures and backrubs are all priced @ $12. $12!! The salon uses quality nail polishes (OPI, Essie), and my manicure always lasts a week (pedicure much longer). Dianne (owner) is super sweet and never forgets a face, name or detail about you. All of the staff are really nice, too. This is a really busy salon, but even if you have to wait a little while, it's worth it.

Great Service and Cheap!

by joannajpark

I've tried numerous nail places but Contempo Nails is the best for no frills manicures and pedicures. It's only $23 and the service is great and they are all nice. It gets extremely crowded in the weekends so avoid that by going early in the morning or like an hour before they close. I don't go anywhere else and I'm always here at least once a week. 

Going 10 years

by measley211

I like trying out places, so I've gone to nail salons here and there, but there's no place that's like Contempo Nails. I've been going to them for the past 10 years. It's a cozy friendly place where the price is more than reasonable especially for Beverly Hills and the staff actually pays attention to your specific needs. Even when it gets crowded, they make it worth your time. You can get everything from your nails to waxing to massage.

by  jgee40

Recently I did not get a good technician,  she was horrible. She had an attitude and started yelling at me and Diane who is the owner and left the store outraged. She clearly had some personal problems of her own and simply took it out on me and some others. The 5 star is for Diane and a few other staffs who tried to calm the situation down. Don't get me wrong, Diane and the staffs always treats me good. The nice thing is that Diane stayed calm and apologized for the incident plus did not charge me for the service.  She also gave me some free gift certificates to make up for the incident. Some of the other staff also apologized to me as well. Overall it was a bad situation turned good. I always did enjoy my experiences at Contempo Nails. The service is always great except for this one time. I'm not going to let one girl ruin my positive experience there. Some of the other girls told me that these things often happens behind the scene where some of the disgruntled employees would do this on purpose to hurt the owner. I hope Diane does not rehire this girl back. Contempo Nails has a huge amount of nail polish collection and the new T.V.s are super. Customer service is great even though there was a bad experience. They quickly took care of me.

Good Quality Work at Decent Prices

by amanda70

After coming back from my vacation I rushed to Contempo Nails to get my nails done. Diane always greets me with a warm welcome. I always get the best treatment here with all the newest polishes decide from. Clean, Quality, Latest Selection, Decent pricing with friendly attitudes. Mani Pedi for $25 !!! You can go to their website for coupons. What more can you ask for.... I was so happy to be back...

YELP Review

Carla B.   

Los Angeles, CA


Very low prices, but good manis & pedis that last.  Yes, it can be busy, but even if you have to wait a few minutes, it's well worth it.  Love Diane - I have been going to her for years!


CONTEMPO NAILS Beverly Hills, Ca 90211   * coupons & specials

Contempo Nails has been in business for close to 3 decades which gives us the buying power to pass the savings on to our loyal customers in Beverly Hills california 90211. Robertson blvd nails salon. Cheap affordable nail salons in beverly hills. Nail salon deals in beverly hills. Mani pedi deals in beverly hills coupons. Great customer service & quality nails is the nature of our nails salon business in beverly hills robertson blvd 90211.

Carolyn T.

Los Angeles, CA


Updated - 3/15/2012

Let me start by pointing out that most of the negative reviews of this salon come from a recently-opened rival nail salon, just a couple doors north of Contempo on Robertson. They opened about 6 months ago and if you notice, most of the negative reviews of Contempo were written within the past 6 months. Then out of nowhere, the rival salon has so many positive Yelp reviews, all written within the past 6 months!

S H A D Y ?   I think so!

Friends and employees of the rival nail salon will go on Yelp to write bad reviews about all the neighboring salons on Robertson! Two of their employees sent me a private message on Yelp to say something negative about Contempo Nails, and they weren't even true statements! I've even seen the owner of that nail salon occasionally poking her head around the windows at Contempo to check out their business!! It's horrible and awkward.. PLEASE don't believe all the negative reviews you read on here!

I've been coming to Contempo Nails for over 2 years and I STILL LOVE THIS PLACE! The owner, Diane, is super sweet and generous. She will give her return customers coupons, and don't be afraid to use the coupons because the employees STILL GET PAID. You can print the coupons out online from their website or just show them the coupon on your phone!

All of the employees here are very friendly and welcoming. They are good at what they do whether it's a mani, pedi, gel mani, Brazilian wax, whatever. They really are attentive to making sure that you are happy and comfortable and will bring you a bottled water while you are getting your nails done! Come here and you will see that at Contempo, they know almost all of their customers. Why? Because we keep coming back!
Was this review …?

Abby S.

Los Angeles, CA  8/29/2011    YELP REVIEW

I've been to many places in L.A. and so far I like this place the most. Everyone here is so friendly and did a great job on my mani pedi. It's a little far from Hollywood but I will be back. It's all worth it. Prices are affordable and the owner gave me some nail polishes for free. Free nail ploishes ... Can't beat that...

Rebecca S.

Beverly Hills, CA    8/29/2011     YELP REVIEW

One thing I like most about this place is that they have late hours. i often work very late and all the other salons are closed. I felt bad keeping some of the ladies late but I did tip them very good. They talked a lot through the process so it made time fly faster. I would recommend it to my friends and will be back.

Carolyn T.

Los Angeles, CA    3/29/2011          YELP REVIEW

I LOVE this place! The manager, Diane, is very sweet and makes sure that all of her customers are being taken care of. I come here every couple weeks to get a gel mani, pedi, and occasional bikini waxes. The employees are really knowledgable and are great at what they do. They remember who you are and sometimes give discount cards for your next visit!

Without an appointment, this place can be a hit or miss. They can get incredibly busy and you may have to wait if you come at a bad time.. But the prices are amazing, so I feel that it's worth the wait if you are strapped for cash. So for grad students like me who have meager-sized wallets, I don't mind waiting sometimes. I've never made an appointment prior to my visit, and they were always able to take me in at a reasonable time, if not right away. They've even stayed past working hours to accommodate me!

I've established a great relationship with many of the workers here and when I come in, it almost feels like home.. can't go anywhere else!

*Tip: Bring cash, or be prepared to write a check. They have an ATM machine there, but they don't accept credit cards. If you have a dog, you are welcome to bring them in with you. :)

Grace P.

Los Angeles, CA

Updated - 3/18/2011                        YELP REVIEW

4 Check-ins Here

Since my last review, I have returned to Contempo (but forgot to update my review), and there is a reason my sister Joanna P. and I keep returning in the end. I had gone twice or so then continued to keep going to Wynn Nail Spa in Miracle Mile, but that relationship ended badly too. I finally came back to Contempo and wow they expanded! So even more space and more chairs.

As soon as I walked in and it's been so long since I had been there, the owner Diane totally remembered me and took great care of me. I love businesses that 1. get to know their regulars 2. actually look at their Yelp reviews and fix any issues. So yes I'm a fan of Contempo. My nails look great - even though 1 chipped already but that's my fault since I was cleaning/ doing the dishes.

Contempo is definitely a no-frills kind of manicure place but very moderately priced. I would rather pay the cheaper price and drive out to BH to get my nails done here than get extremely frustrated with a lower quality, more expensive manicure at Wynn.

Nice Friendly Place

by Daisy83 at Citysearch                                                          7/31/11

I have been to almost all the nail salons in Beverly Hills and my final conclusion is IContempo Nails is my favorite. They have many selections of polishes for you to choose from and their prices are reasonably fair. Customer service is quit good. It can get crowded there but the place is very big so you will get seated fast. I suggest going to their website for coupons before coming in. Overall I really like it there. I recommend to others.

Loyal Over 20 Years

by  deb0262

I have been going to Contempo Nails for over 20 years and still love every visit. I’ve known Diane ever since her salon first opened it’s doors. I have to say Diane works extremely hard and deserves everything she has accomplished. Customer Service  has always been most important to her. That’s why I always come back. She’s a great leader and I can see that all her employees respect and follow her foot steps. I really like the fact that she has dedicated her entire 40% of gift certificate sales to help Haiti Rebuild. From what I understand, her employees takes 60% and Diane takes 40%. She donates 100% of her own gift certificate shares. That really tells you what a good soul she is. I will always come here and only here for all my nails and waxing needs. Contempo Nails has been here in Beverly Hills for over 20 years with a proven track record of Great Customer Service.

Visiting From Europe

by  tnh43

I really like this place. I was visiting from Norway and was recommended by many friends to go to Contempo Nails in Beverly Hills. Everyone there was so nice. It was a pleasant atmosphere. The lady named Emily did great on my nails and so I complimented her to the owner who was named Diane was also very nice. She offered me some complimentary ice cream yogurt from her neighbor.  She also gave me a gift card for the next I visit Beverly Hills.  Thank You Contempo Nails  I had a nice time and will visit again.

Keely U.

San Diego, CA

I have a small obsession with contempo nails! Not only have I been an avid customer but have brought all of my girlfriends, mother, aunt, grandmother when they have come into town. I recently moved to San Diego, but when I go up to LA to visit I make a trip to contempo nails. For like $38 you get a mani/pedi and 20 minute back massage! HELLLLLLO??? im sorry but that is a deal!!! They are clean, super friendly, quick (in a good way) and they do a damn good job! I wont have a chip on my nails for close to a month! I think this place is a total gem, especially with the many nail places to choose from. NOTE: Diane is the owner, make an effort for her to know who you are and you will be glad you did. She always take care of you and she has a great memory... i brought my little dog in once and she still asks how sunshine is! :) She is totally loyal to you if you are to her!!! Best nail place ever!!!

Twitter - LA_SportsFan

Getting the best mani-pedi and massage from. My girlfriends at Contempo nails in BH 6:27 PM Dec 10th, 2009 via web

My girlfriends at Contempo Nails in Beverly Hills. Ask for Sandy & Ida 6:28 PM Dec 10th, 2009 via web

Twitter - LA_SportsFan

Anna M.

Hancock Park, CA

I think Contempo nails is one of he best places to go and get pampered in LA. I have been to multiple places in LA and think that this salon is quality. The customer service is amazing, the staff is extremely generous, and they do a great job on all the services they offer. I highly recommend Contempo nails to anyone and everyone who is looking for great manicures, pedicures, facials, massages, etc.

alela s.

Los Angeles, CA

I went yesterday Loved,Loved Loved it!!! A girl friend of mine has been going there for years and i'm happy she hipped me to it!! They use OPI polish which is among the best!!! I will be back you can not beat the price or service!!

Very Good Service Plus Supports Haiti Charity

by bw9021074 at Citysearch

After reading reviews online I decided to drop by and them out. I have to say that their customer service is superb. It's a little out of my way however it's worth it. I like the fact that the owner donates 40% of her gift card sales to the savethechildren charity to help Haiti. It's wonderful that she can do good business and give to the less fortunate.

Loyal Customer - I love this place

by dglady at Citysearch

I have to say that out of all the nails salons, Contempo Nails has the best techs. I have been going to here for many years. Melissa, who I highly recommend for wax is the best in town. If you want mani/pedi, Amy, is the person you want to look for. They are both very good at what they do. I learned that Melissa is currently going to medical school while working and Amy is also in college. Make appointments with them and you will be extremely satisfied. As for the management, Diane is very kind humanitarian. I have seen her do many good things for many charities, her employees as well as customers. Once I saw her helping an elderly lady to her car when leaving the salon. I also heard that she often helps her employees in times of need. She would often run after me to give me coupons which I think is so wondeful. The relief effort for Haiti is an excellent example of compassion. Purchase a gift certificate and 40% percent goes to Haiti. Over all Contempo Nails has great service and good attitudes. Everyone there is a positive team players who truly cares for others.

PS: The New Hong Kong Collection is beautiful.

Best Nail Salon In Beverly Hills‎

 By Julie - Feb 27, 2010

Lovely place... It gets busy however they get me in fast ASAP... Diane is adorable, she is always treats me well. I get in fast and they never rush me out while waiting for my nails to dry. They also have the TVs to keep customers entertained. I like fact that Diane gives a helping hand to many families in poverty. That's the reason why I only give my business to Contempo Nails.

Ask for Tom for Massage

By Jasi80

I had an appointment with Ida for a massage however  when I arrived she just walked away and ignored me. Diane, who is always wonderful told her that I am her next appointment but she did not listen to her either. Diane, once again took care of me and gave me a free massage with Tom. One of the manicurist told me because many clients ask for Ida so therefore she doesn't care anymore,  plus she is one of the few who always tries to purposely cause inconvenience to the business during busy times.  I don't understand her purpose or concept for doing that but I do understand that she works on commission and tip. Therefore I will make appointments with Tom from now on. Although the workers might not be great at times however, Diane always makes up for it. That's why she's the boss. Diane knows how to take good care of her customers. Workers will come and go however, Diane will always be there taking good care of me. I will always come back... Ask for Tom if you want a massage. He's great... I will boycott Ida from now on...

Yelp Review

Kristin L.

Beverly Hills, CA


This is my favorite nail salon in LA - the polish lasts longer than any other place, the neck massages are amazing (and cheap - right now it's $10 for 20 mins, which I have never seen anywhere else!), and Diane takes good care of her clients. I will continue to give Contempo my fact I'll be there tomorrow!

I Love It

by bl69 at Citysearch

I just moved into the neighborhood and was searching for a place to do my nails. My neighbor recommended Contempo Nails to me. I follwed her advice and yes she was right. They had excellent service. They were crowded but I got in ver fast. There were other salons around the area but I noticed that Contempo Nails was the most crowded. I see the reason why. If anyone who is searching for a good salon like me, this is the place to go to.

Best in Beverly Hills !!!

by AmandaT65 at Citysearch

Contempo nails is the only place my daughter and I will go to. My daughter recently had her  birthday party there at the perfect timing. They just expanded to three rooms and Diane let her use the new room for her party. This place is huge and looks amazing. I believe this is the largest nail salon in Beverly Hills. The employees are so super nice. Diane, is always very nice and kind to us. She let us try the new BCBG collection and gave my daughter free gift card. I highly recommend Contempo Nails to everyone. They are nice and friendly with reasonable rates.


333 S Robertson Blvd

Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Neighborhood: Beverly Hills


(310) 855-8879


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